Trump Wants to Go All Out for Military Parade!

President Trump wants to honor our military with a huge parade, something that is common for other countries all over the world.
That's why Trump wants to make our parade the best, and Trump's plan seems to go all out in doing so. reports: The military parade that President Donald Trump wants to stage, likely in Washington, would cost U.S. taxpayers up to $30 million, the White House budget chief said on Wednesday in remarks on the administration’s fiscal 2019 spending plan.

Mick Mulvaney, who in a congressional hearing continued a broad defense of the $4.4-trillion plan he began earlier this week, was asked about the parade, which Trump’s spending plan does not break out as a specific item.

“The estimates I’ve seen, they’re very preliminary, is between $10 million and $30 million, depending upon the length,” said Mulvaney, director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB). “Obviously an hour parade is different from a five-hour parade in terms of the cost and the equipment and those types of things.”

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Posted Thursday, February 15, 2018

This was also posted about 8 days ago.

BREAKING: Trump Just Lit The Internet Up With His Infrastructure Announcement!

President Trump has stated that Washington D.C. will "no longer be a roadblock to rebuilding American" in a new tweet and press release promoting infrastructure spending.

From The Anderson Memorial Bridge between Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, sits near the heart of Harvard University. The structure’s elegant arches and Georgian Revival design help it blend seamlessly into the surrounding architectural style of America’s oldest college. It took 11 months to build the original bridge in 1912. When it came time to repair it nearly 100 years later, the project dragged on for close to 5 years—and at a significant cost overrun. So with all the advantages of modern technology, why did it take more than 5 times as long to repair the structure today as it did to create it outright more than a century ago? Unsurprisingly, the reason has little to do with engineering or technical demands. Rather, the Anderson Bridge project was a victim of a bloated, tangled patchwork of regulatory oversight, including a historical commission, environmental agencies, and state transportation bureaucrats, among others. “We built the Empire State Building in just 1 year—is it not a disgrace that it can now take 10 years just to get a permit approved for a simple road?,” President Donald J. Trump asked during his first State of the Union Address on January 30. “Any bill must . . . streamline the permitting and approval process—getting it down to no more than two years, and perhaps even one.” This week, President Trump released his Legislative Outline for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America, a 53-page document that lays out six principles for reversing this unacceptable course. Here is what the President is calling upon Congress to help him achieve: Read more: (Link: Please share and comment!

This was also posted about 8 days ago.

BREAKING: President Trump Releases Tweet on Black History Month

President Trump took to twitter on Wednesday to comment on the contributions of African Americans to the U.S.

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