BREAKING: He Just Issued A Warning on the Midterm Election Voting Systems

Representative Jim Langevin has warned of state voting systems vulnerability in the upcoming midterm elections.

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Posted Wednesday, February 14, 2018

This was also posted about 150 days ago.

Breaking: New voting "glitch" discovered allowed illegals to vote for Democrats

Philadelphia City Commissioner says they found a glitched that allowed illegal immigrants to vote. From Philadelphia CBS:
Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt says a glitch in the state’s “motor-voter” process has allowed non-U.S. citizens to register to vote, even though he thinks they did so accidentally. The glitch has had no impact on elections, as the number of people mistakenly registered was small, but Schmidt thinks that statewide there could be many more and he wants the state to review registrations. He also wants it to cross check all active voter registration records against all current PennDOT records containing INS Indicators. Secretary of State Pedro Cortes issued a statement saying PennDOT is changing its system to prevent the problem in the future and has already made improvements. He did not address reviewing and cross checking registrations statewide. A spokeswoman for Cortes said they are conducting their own review.
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