BREAKING: Trump’s Intelligence Chief Just Made An Unexpected Statement

President Trump’s intelligence chief says the U.S. background check system is broken and must be completely fixed.

AP reported: WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration’s intelligence chief says the government’s background checks system is “broken” and must be completely overhauled.

Dan Coats’ assessment came in a telephone interview with The Associated Press as questions swirl about a top White House aide who maintained access to highly sensitive information and the president himself despite accusations of domestic violence.

Rob Porter, who as staff secretary handled the president’s paper flow, resigned last week.

Coats said, “We have a broken system and I think everybody’s come to agree with that now.”

Coast said the government needs to “basically start with a clean sheet,” using new technologies to weed out those who shouldn’t be in government, but in a way that “doesn’t leave us with hundreds of thousands waiting to be looked at and certified.”

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Posted Tuesday, February 13, 2018


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