BREAKING:Barricaded Gunmen! Multiple People Killed!

A barricaded subject in Detroit has reportedly killed him self and three 3 woman have been reported dead in relation to the incident. 3 police officers have also reportedly been shot in the altercation. reported: A barricaded gunman has fatally shot himself, ending a several-hour standoff that left three women dead and injured three police officers.

The gunman's death was discovered via a video surveillance robots which Michigan State Police — who relieved Detroit police of their duties several hours into the active scene — sent into a second-floor window.

"The third robot was able to go into the top window and that's when we discovered the individual was deceased," First Lt. Michael Shaw, an MSP spokesman told reporters at the scene Monday.

When police finally entered the house, they discovered that a female hostage had also been killed. Her death brought the death toll up to three, as two other women were killed earlier in the night by the 49-year-old shooter.

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Posted Monday, February 12, 2018


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