BREAKING: He Just Signed the Bill!

Vermont has become the latest state to allow recreational marijuana use.

From The Hill: Vermont will become the latest state to allow the possession of marijuana for recreational purposes under a new measure signed into law Monday by Gov. Phil Scott (R).

The measure brings the number of states where recreational marijuana is legal to seven. But the Vermont bill is notable because it is the first time a state legislature has voted to legalize the drug.

The other six states where adults may legally possess and consume marijuana — Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada and California — all arrived at legalization through voter-approved ballot measures.

Massachusetts and Maine will legalize marijuana later this year after voters passed ballot initiatives in 2016. The Vermont law takes effect on July 1.

“This is a milestone in the evolving politics of marijuana,” said Tom Angell, a legalization advocate who writes the Marijuana Moment newsletter.

Scott, a Republican serving his first term, vetoed a legalization bill passed by the Democratic-led state legislature last year. He cited concerns over how it was written, though he pledged to work with the legislature to address those issues before this year’s session kicked off.

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Posted Monday, January 22, 2018


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