BREAKING: They're Going To Release The Memos!

The House Intelligence Committee has officially begun the process to release the bombshell FBI/FISA/Russia memos.

"Great news! Our efforts to #ReleaseTheMemo have been effective and the HPSIC plans to begin the process to release the FBI/FISA/Russia memo. This may take up to 19+ Congressional work days but Americans deserve to know the truth," tweeted Rep. Dave Joyce.

Posted Saturday, January 20, 2018

This was also posted about 29 days ago.

Tucker Carlson Tackles the FISA Memo and Look Who Joins Him!

Tucker Carlson discussed the FISA memo the GOP are demanding be released publicly. Carlson was joined by not only Congressman Matt Gaetz, but Donald Trump Jr. as well.

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This was also posted about 30 days ago.

BREAKING: The Left Is In A Panic Over The Memos! Look What They're Doing!

Just when #ReleaseTheMemo began to trend on Twitter, the left responded in the only manner they knew how: censorship and deflection. In what's suppose to result in the arrest of many of President Obama's officials, the memos have garnered quite the spectrum of responses from sickened Republicans to tight-lipped Democrats.

In response to the growing attention, Twitter has completely removed #ReleaseTheMemo from its list of trending items despite having over 1.5 million retweets:

And members of the left are now on their crusade of deflection, blaming Russian bots.

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