Whoa! Look who was just spotted at the Women's March

Members of the violent leftist group ANITFA has been spotted at the Women's March. Let's hope they aren't up to no good!




Posted Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Berkeley Slapped With Lawsuit Over Violent ANTIFA Riot

A lawsuit has been filed against UC Berkeley, Berkeley PD, the city of Berkeley, and two assailants identified over the violent ANTIFA riots that took place in 2017. From thegatewaypundit: Four victims of the brutal violence committed by Antifa during the riot in Berkeley last February over Milo Yiannopoulos’ scheduled speaking event have filed a lawsuit against the university, the city, the police, and two of the black clad rioters that they were able to identify. The lawsuit names UC Berkeley, UCPD, Berkeley PD, the city of Berkeley, two of the assailants that they were able to identify — Ian Dabney Miller and Raha Mirabdal, President of the University of California Janet Napolitano and others for violating their constitutional and statutory rights during the riot in February, 2017. “By their failure to intervene or employ reasonable tactical methods to ensure the safety of the Plaintiffs and the public, government actors conducted their official duties with deliberate indifference to the Plaintiffs’ safety, permitting hordes of violent rioters to swarm the university campus in a violent rage. By their failure, government actors are thus responsible for creating and exposing Plaintiffs to known and obvious danger,” the lawsuit states. During the riot, Antifa caused an estimated $100,000 in damage to the MLK Student Union and toppled a mobile light structure, setting its generator on fire. The city estimates that the rioters caused between $400,000 and $500,000 in damage to the area surrounding the university. Read more @ (Link: thegatewaypundit.com)

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The Women’s March May Be Forced To Drop the Pink Pussy Hat!

The woman’s march is being urged to drop the pink pussy hats over claims that they are “transphobic” and are exclusionary in color. The Daily Wire reported The Women's March is set for a repeat event next week to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the march that launched a thousand Resistance Facebook groups. The march was populated mostly by middle-aged women that have done pretty much nothing other than send loads of postcards to Congress and traffic in Donald Trump conspiracy theories. But this time, they're likely to be without their signature headwear — the pink pussy hats — because, as it turns out, the knit caps designed to resemble female genitalia are both "transphobic" and "exclusionary" because not all women have traditional ladyparts, and not all of those ladyparts are pink. "The pink pussyhat excludes and is offensive to transgender women and gender non-binary people who don't have typical female genitalia and to women of color because their genitals are more likely to be brown than pink," the Detroit Free Press reports. The controversy has apparently been building for a while. Initially, the pink, cat-eared hats were supposed to be a metaphor — a reference to a Donald Trump quote from the now-infamous "Access Hollywood" tapes where the then-reality television star suggested his interviewer "grab 'em by the pussy" when trying to woo young ladies of a certain age. They were made in pink largely because that is the color most closely associated with women's movements (think the pink breast cancer awareness ribbons). Read story @ (Link: www.dailywire.com) Please share and comment

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Look Which Democratic Rep Just Promoted Antifa!

Representative Keith Ellison just promoted the Anti-Fascist far left group Antifa and he did so in a hostile tweet to President Trump. The Daily Wire reported: To "strike fear" into the heart of President Trump, Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison, the noted anti-Semite who almost became the DNC chairman, photographed himself with a very special book: "Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook."


The book's author, Dartmouth College instructor Mark Bray, has promised to donate half of the book's proceeds to an Antifa legal defense fund. That means Ellison not only appreciates the ideals of a terrorist organization responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages at Berkeley, but also wishes to have their activities funded. According to Campus Reform, Bray's book "equates President Donald Trump’s ascent with the rise of fascist dictators in early twentieth century Europe" and also "makes the case that speech and democratic processes are insufficient to prevent fascists from taking power." During a series of April 2017 interviews, Bray said that Americans should “give up on the liberal notion” of a bill of rights that permits the free speech of Nazis; basically, a long-winded variation of the latest idiom, "hate speech is not free speech" or, as Ben Shapiro discovered at Berkeley, "speech is violence." These desperate measures are important to Bray because American white supremacists are “an enemy to humanity that needs to be stopped by any means necessary.” Read story @ (Link: www.dailywire.com) Please share and comment


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