HAHAHA! Look What Happened To Former Governor Chris Christie At the Newark Airport!!

On Thursday, Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was turned away from the New Work Liberty International Airport VIP Entrance and forced to stand in the TSA line.

The Daily Wire reported: Most politicians spend years trying to convince voters that they feel their pain.

It took Chris Christie just a few minutes to actually achieve that.

On Thursday, the former New Jersey governor, whose term ended Tuesday, tried to enter the VIP entrance at Newark Liberty International Airport’s Terminal C. He'd used this pleasant alternative to TSA checkpoints countless times over the past eight years.

But Christie learned the hard way that former governors don't get a free pass — or even a PreCheck.

Even though he was accompanied by a state security detail, a Port Authority officer refused to let the recently-departed governor pass, instead directing him to the TSA checkpoint that all non-governors use.

According to reports, Christie complied.



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Posted Friday, January 19, 2018


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