Supreme Court Agrees to Take the Case!

The Supreme Court has made a decision that could impact nearly everyone.
The court has agreed that they will take up the case on Internet sales tax. reports: The Supreme Court agreed Friday to take up a challenge to a law preventing states from taxing retailers that don't have a physical presence in the state, a case that could have major implications for state and federal online sales tax policy.

The case is South Dakota vs. Wayfair, with the state seeking to impose state taxes on the online retailer.

It is a challenge to a 1992 Supreme Court decision that a state cannot tax a business unless it has a substantial physical presence in the state.

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Posted Friday, January 12, 2018

This was also posted about 13 days ago.

Couple Takes Their Case to the Supreme Court Over a Treehouse!

A couple in Florida have exhausted all of their legal avenues except one, the Supreme Court. The couple built an extravagant beachfront treehouse, and have been facing legal battles ever since. reports: Lynn Tran and Richard Hazen built a Florida beachfront treehouse that would be the envy of any child. It's got two levels, hammocks and windows looking out on the Gulf of Mexico. But the hangout has cost the couple a handsome sum: about $30,000 to construct and probably five times that in legal fees as they've fought local authorities over it, Tran said. Now, they're at their last stop, the Supreme Court. Unless the high court intervenes, the treehouse must be torn down. The justices had their first opportunity to consider taking the case at a closed-door conference Friday, and a decision on whether they will weigh in could come as early as Monday. Read more @ (Link: Please share and comment.

This was also posted about 17 days ago.

Politician Wants to Take California to the Supreme Court!

Republican Travis Allen joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the current state of California politics, and refusal to comply with the Trump administration. Allen is ready for California to be taken to the Supreme Court.

California has recently passed legislation making it an official sanctuary state, refusing to cooperate with the federal government, and harboring illegal fugitives. Please share and comment.



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