BREAKING: Trump Just Made The Decision On Obama’s Nuclear Deal With Iran

President Trump on Friday waived Nuclear Sanctions on Iran extending Obama’s nuclear deal. Reports are confirming that it will be the last time President Trump will waive the sanctions.

CNBC reported: President Donald Trump will, for the final time, waive sanctions against Iran, extending the life of an international nuclear accord that the commander in chief disavowed three months ago, according to senior administration officials.
The waiver marks the first time Trump has granted sanctions relief since he told Congress in October that the 2015 Iran nuclear deal is no longer in the country's national security interest. Trump has called the accord the "worst deal ever," but he's declined to scrap it while Congress prepares legislation to modify the agreement and his administration marshals international support to increase pressure on Iran.
The nuclear deal, hammered out in 2015 by six world powers, lifts crippling sanctions on Iran's lifeblood oil and gas industry and the broader economy. In exchange, the Iranian regime agreed to limits on its nuclear program and allowed inspectors to monitor its facilities.

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Posted Friday, January 12, 2018



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