BREAKING: Keith Olbermann Threatens Coup!!

Political commentator Keith Ollbermann has sent out a furious threat to President Trump following the cancellation of Trump’s London visit.

Olbermann who had previously resigned from political commentary has returned in a vicious manner it seems.

What do you think about Keith Olbermann’s comments?

Posted Friday, January 12, 2018

This was also posted about 7 days ago.

BREAKING: London Mayor Khan Responds To Trump Cancelling His Visit!

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has claimed that President Trump cancelled his visit because London doesn't like him. From The NY Post: London Mayor Sadiq Khan said Friday that President Trump canceled his planned visit to the British capital after he “got the message” from its residents, according to reports. Trump claimed he had scrapped the trip because he didn’t want to open the new US Embassy in London — blaming former President Obama for relocating the diplomatic headquarters. But Khan suggested the real reason was because Londoners would deem Trump persona non grata. “It appears that President Trump got the message from the many Londoners who love and admire America and Americans but find his policies and action the polar opposite of our city’s values of inclusion, diversity and tolerance,” Khan said in a statement released on Twitter. Read more: (Link: Please share and comment!



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