Look! President Trump Called it in 2016!

Fiat-Chrysler made a huge announcement of bringing facilities to Michigan.
With the move comes jobs and a huge boost to the economy of Michigan.

And President Trump said he would make this happen two years ago.


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Posted Friday, January 12, 2018

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BREAKING: Fiat Chrysler makes big announcement!

Fiat Chrysler, citing tax cuts, plans $2,000 employee bonuses and 2,500 new jobs.




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Trump Just Tipped His Hat To Fiat Chrysler

After Fiat Chrysler announced their plans to invest $1Billion into US production plants and create over $2000 jobs President-elect Trump took to twitter to commend them.

Politico.com reported: President-elect Donald Trump once again celebrated the move by a major automotive company to invest in U.S. manufacturing as a victory for his incoming administration, this time heaping praise via Twitter onto Fiat Chrysler. Trump’s posts to his favored social media site came one day after Fiat Chrysler announced that it will spend $1 billion on plants in Michigan and Ohio, creating 2,000 jobs in the process. The automaker had already indicated that it would expand U.S. production, stating in 2015 that it would invest $5.3 billion in U.S. plants. It was unclear if the car maker's announcement over the weekend was related to its 2015 announcement. Last week, Trump was similarly enthused about an announcement from Ford Motor Company, which scrapped plans to build a manufacturing facility in Mexico and instead went public with plans to spend $700 million on a plant in Michigan. “It's finally happening - Fiat Chrysler just announced plans to invest $1BILLION in Michigan and Ohio plants, adding 2000 jobs,” Trump wrote on Twitter, breaking his message up into two posts to accommodate the medium’s 140-character-per-post limit. “This after Ford said last week that it will expand in Michigan and U.S. instead of building a BILLION dollar plant in Mexico. Thank you Ford & Fiat C!” Read full story @ (Link: www.politico.com) What do you think? Please share and comment

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Fiat to invest $1 billion dollars into the US

America continues to win after Trump's victory last November. Trump has created an atmosphere where companies are wanting to invest in the US again. CNBC reported: FCA, the U.S. arm of automaker Fiat-Chrysler, announced on Sunday that it would invest a total $1 billion in plants in Michigan and Ohio, which will add 2000 new jobs in the United States. The announcement, in what the company said was the second phase of a plan it first made public a year ago, came days after Ford Motor Company decided to scrap a plan to build a facility in Mexico, instead opting to invest in a plant in Michigan. Ford's CEO cited demand, rather than the policies of President-elect Donald Trump, who has vowed to impose a "border tax" on companies that send jobs abroad. Full article @ (Link: www.cnbc.com)



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