Public Health Emergency Has Been Declared!

The flu is sweeping the countries, with hospitals filling up everywhere.
Alabama has declared a public health emergency in their state due to the virus. reports: Alabama's hospitals are being inundated by flu cases, officials warn, prompting Gov. Kay Ivey to declare that a 'State Public Health Emergency' now exists.

Ivey's emergency declaration includes a directive to the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Alabama Emergency Management Agency to seek federal assistance as needed. It also allows health care facilities that have invoked their emergency operation plans to implement their "alternative standard of care" plans to combat the outbreak. A copy of her full proclamation is included below.

Thursday, Baptist Health System issued a flu alert advisory, warning the community that area hospitals are seeing a "significant surge in flu and other respiratory illness patients" and that emergency departments "have reached maximum capacity."

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Posted Friday, January 12, 2018

This was also posted about 16 days ago.

A Country Has Been "Overwhelmed" By Single-Payer Healthcare!

The NHS In Great Britain will have to cancel 50,000 operations in January amid an influx of patients. This is what the USA has in store for it, if similar single-payer healthcare is enacted. From Every NHS hospital has been ordered to cancel routine operations in January due to bed shortages caused by a flu outbreak. Around 50,000 operations have been cancelled and patients are having to wait around 12 hours to be seen – there isn’t even enough space for some people in hospital corridors, let alone wards. A senior consultant has warned of “third world conditions” – something we’ve sadly heard before from those working in the NHS. 12 NHS trusts claim to have reached the maximum state of emergency, with some using taxis to transport patients as they’d run out of ambulances. Mass migration has put the NHS on its knees – 250,000 more people using A&E every month compared to 2010. The UK’s population is surging by way over 500,000 per year, being driven largely by mass migration. Read more: (Link: Please share and comment!

This was also posted about 24 days ago.

BREAKING: Trump Lays Out Post-Obamacare Healthcare Plan!

President Trump has stated that Obamacare will eventually "repeal itself" and force Republicans and Democrats to come together and put a new healthcare plan in place.

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