Largest DACA Recipient Populations

From Fox News Research:

Largest DACA Recipient Populations:

—Total: 689,800—

1) California: 197,900 (28.7%)
2) Texas: 113,000 (16.4%)
3) Illinois: 35,600 (5.2%)
4) New York: 32,900 (4.8%)
5) Florida: 27,000 (3.9%)

(Active recipients as of Sept 2017)

Posted Friday, January 12, 2018

This was also posted about 8 days ago.

BREAKING: White House releases another statement on DACA

This was also posted about 9 days ago.

BREAKING: Trump Personally Responds To DACA Decision!

President Trump has proclaimed the U.S. court system as "broken and unfair" following the 9th Circuit's decision to delay DACA repeal.

Stay tuned for updates!



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