BREAKING: First Lady Melania Makes New Hire Announcement!

First Lady Melania made a special announcement.
Melania hired three new key positions to the White House.

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Posted Thursday, January 11, 2018

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BREAKING: First Lady Melania Trump Just Broke Her Silence!

A Representative for First Lady Melania Trump has issued a statement on behalf of FLOTUS concerning Michael Wolf’s “Fire and Fury” book.

The book has caused quite the commotion in DC with many people claiming the book resembles a baseless tabloid. The author himself has even admitted portions of the book are untrue:

Even a New York Times reporter is skeptical about the book:

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This was also posted about 16 days ago.

Melania Just Got Involved!

Melania Trump's office blasted the upcoming Michael Wolff book titled, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" stating, "The book is clearly going to be sold in the bargain fiction section." At least Hillary Clinton's "What Happened" will have the proper company. From The Hill: First lady Melania Trump was "confident" that her husband would win the 2016 presidential election, and, in fact, was "happy when he did," a spokeswoman for the first lady said Wednesday. Stephanie Grisham, the communications director for the first lady's office, pushed back on the claim in an upcoming book that Melania Trump did not want her husband to win the election and mourned when he did, saying that she encouraged Donald Trump to run for office in the first place. “The book is clearly going to be sold in the bargain fiction section," Grisham said in a statement, referring to Michael Wolff's upcoming book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House." Read more @ (Link:



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