They All Knew About Lauer, And Celebrated His Behavior!

At a "roast" of Matt Lauer in 2008, many celebrities joked and celebrated the behavior of Matt Lauer at NBC News, as well as both on-set and behind the scenes at the "Today" show.

From The Gateway Pundit:

Fox News has revealed and exposed lewd and promiscuous jokes – the subject matter pushing the limits of sexist, racist, homophobic, and obscene ‘humor’.

The 2008 Friars Club roast took place in New York City and was attended by many notable figures – from Donald Trump, Norman Lear, Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, and Howard Stern. Numerous executives from across the entertainment and news business were also in attendance for the roast.

A 2008 article from the Village Voice – showcased in the Fox News’ article – minces no words, detailing Meredith Viera’s jokes for the roast:

Look at Katie Couric. She juggled Matt’s balls for six years. That’s three years per ball.

Martha Stewart jokingly claimed…

I hear NBC executives call Matt the ‘Cock of the Rock’

…and who could overlook the comments from Lauer himself…

What’s with all the small-dick jokes? It was fun to look over and see Ann Curry laughing… like she doesn’t know how big my dick really is.

The Village Voice, which obtained these jokes in secrecy by having their reporter write “down the dirtiest jokes on a notepad under the table”, shines a spotlight on claims that various NBC executives didn’t know about Lauer’s disturbing behavior. A media executive in attendance of the roast said:

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Posted Thursday, December 07, 2017

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BREAKING: Matt Lauer's Wife Appears, But Something Is Missing!

Matt Lauer's wife has emerged, and she is not wearing her wedding ring. From Page Six: New photos show Matt Lauer’s wife stepping out without a wedding ring — as her father says she plans on divorcing the disgraced newsman. Annette Roque, 52, was photographed jewelry-free on a Wednesday morning visit to a grocery store in the Hamptons — alongside a new report that the couple is done. “She is not going to stay with him and work it out. They are not together trying to work it out,” the Dutch model’s dad, Henri, 76, told the Daily Mail from his home in the Netherlands. Read more: (Link: Please share and comment!

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Matt Lauer Gets More Bad News... This Time On The Home Front!

Matt Lauer's wife of 20 years, Annette Roque, has left Lauer's home, refusing to be by his side after bombshell sexual misconduct allegations were leveled against the embattled NBC News anchor, which led to his firing and removal from the "Today" show. We hope Annette is doing OK in this difficult time. From Page Six: Matt Lauer’s long-suffering wife Annette Roque has fled their home and is rumored to have headed back to her native Netherlands amid his sex harassment scandal. Multiple sources tell Page Six that Dutch-born former model Annette — Lauer’s wife of 20 years — was last seen at their Hamptons home on Wednesday, the day Lauer’s firing was announced. One Hamptons source told Page Six, “Annette has taken their two younger kids out of school and is believed to have left the US and gone to her family in her native country.” It is believed her mother lives near Amsterdam. Annette briefly filed for divorce in 2006, claiming she suffered “cruel and inhumane” treatment from Lauer, who she said in legal documents was controlling and demonstrated “extreme anger and hostility.” She withdrew the divorce filing a month later. Read more: (Link: Please share and comment!

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NBC will not pay Matt Lauer the remaining $30 million

NBC has decided that they will not pay Matt Lauer the remaining $30 million payout on his contract. However, it remains to be seen whether or not Lauer will sue the network for the remaining funds. From Page Six: Matt Lauer will not get his $30 million payout from NBC News, network bosses have ruled, even though his lawyers argue he still has over a year left on his contract. The disgraced anchor will not be paid a day past the last one he worked, NBC News president Noah Oppenheim ruled on Friday during a tense meeting with “NBC Nightly News” staff. Page Six had revealed that lawyers for Lauer had been studying his contract to see if he could demand the remainder of his $20 million a year deal through 2018 — which would have amounted to around $30 million. But Oppenheim told staff that Lauer would not be paid a penny more because he was terminated “for cause” — or, more explicitly, his own sexual bad behavior. Lauer was fired Tuesday night for “improper sexual conduct in the workplace” with a much younger female staffer, and the revelation has been met with a stream of further allegations against the onetime prince of the Peacock Network. Page Six first revealed that the original complaint against Lauer centered on a former intern he approached while covering the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi for NBC. Since then, numerous other allegations have been made against Lauer, including that he once had sex with a woman in his 30 Rock office until she passed out, that he allegedly gave a female colleague a sex toy as a present and that he had a secret button under his desk to lock his office door. Sources also told Page Six there is increasing anger amongst the staff at NBC News at Lauer’s longtime behavior, which appears to have been swept under the carpet by NBC News bigwigs for years to protect their biggest and most bankable star, while he preyed on his female subordinates. One source at the meeting told us, “There is a lot of anger among the NBC News staff. Noah tried to calm the situation and failed. He came to the ‘Nightly News’ meeting Friday afternoon and had a lot of nothing to say. People in the building are furious how the Lauer scandal was handled and, while before everyone was afraid of Matt, finally they are not afraid of speaking up about it. “Noah told the group there would be no negotiations for a payout to Matt. He said he had no knowledge of these events (the allegations against Lauer) or any other ones like them. Noah did admit he knew of rumors of infidelity, but Matt had always strongly denied them.” Read more: (Link: Please share and comment!



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