Trump's New Border Wall Put to the Test!

As President Trump makes his final decision on which company to award with the border wall contract, the prototypes are being put through the wringer.

All types of tests are being conducted on the walls, to ensure they can hold up to the smugglers and drug lords they spend their days trying to defeat them. reports: Border Patrol agents are pummeling the prototypes for President Trump's proposed southern border wall with jackhammers and saws as they physically test the structures for strengths and weaknesses, according to Custom and Border Protection officials.

“CBP is testing the prototypes against the techniques used by smugglers on the southwest border to circumvent [the] current border barrier,” Carlos Diaz, CBP Southwest Branch chief, told the Washington Examiner on Wednesday, referring to eight samples constructed by six companies in San Diego, Calif.

Tests of the 18-to-30 feet high walls conducted over the next 30 to 60 days will also include CBP tactical unit agents scaling the structures with ropes and hooks, per Newsweek.

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Posted Thursday, December 07, 2017

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The Steinle Verdict Has Reinforced The Importance Of Trump's Proposed Border Wall

A recent analysis has noted that the Steinle verdict, which could have been put in place to spite President Trump, could end up pushing the border wall closer to completion. Will this miscarriage of justice lead to the border wall? Or will Democrats obstruct the process yet again? From The Gateway Pundit ((Link: In 2015, Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant that had previously entered the country unlawfully five times and had a criminal record with seven prior felonies. Last night, he was found not guilty of murder or manslaughter in Kate’s death. Not only are the American people angry with the verdict but the people’s President is, too. On Friday morning, President Trump launched into a Twitter tirade over the Steinle verdict…

As usual, everything Trump is saying is the truth. Kate’s killer did come back into the country over and over, easily bypassing Obama’s unprotected border. Kate’s killer had 7 prior felonies and a history of crime and violence but the info was not used in court. The President is entirely right to call this verdict a travesty of justice. Read more: Please share and comment!

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MSNBC Eats Their Words After What Happens During Their Anti-Border Wall Segment

This was also posted about 48 days ago.

Here it is, folks! The first look at the 8 nearly-finished border wall prototypes



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