Harvey Weinstein's Former Employees Reveal Disturbing Details About The Producer

Harvey Weinstein's former employees have broken their silence and revealed what it was like working for the disgraced Hollywood producer.

From Fox News: Some of the women who worked for Harvey Weinstein as assistants during the height of his career shared the dirty details of their former jobs, saying their tasks included things like renting Weinstein an apartment and filling it with lingerie and procuring erectile dysfunction injections for the now-disgraced producer.

In another expose about Weinstein published by The New York Times, Sandeep Rehal, Lauren O’Connor, Michelle Franklin and other former employees shared some of the lurid details of working with Weinstein.

Rehal, who was 28 when she began working for Weinstein, said she and Franklin were in charge of getting Caverject and alprostadil for Weinstein, injectable drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. Rehal told The Times she had to, at times, deliver the drugs to the producer at his hotel room before he had meetings with women. She said she had to keep the drugs at her desk and transfer them into brown paper bags, bringing them to Weinstein when he needed them.

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Posted Wednesday, December 06, 2017



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