Look what just washed up on the Japanese coast!

Eight North Korean men have washed up on the Japanese coast after reportedly experiencing mechanical troubles while fishing.

From USAToday: Police in the Akita region found the men late on Thursday after a call from a local resident that "suspicious men" were standing at the seafront in the town of Yurihonjo. The men were taken into custody, walking unaided, according to Japanese national broadcaster NHK.

"We understand that the eight individuals are reporting that they came from North Korea for fishing, but drifted there after their ship experienced (mechanical) troubles," said Hachiro Okonogi, chairman of the National Public Safety Commission.

Police said the men were in good health and spoke Korean. Investigators found a wooden boat at a nearby marina, with television footage of a pier in Yurihonjo showing a wooden boat rigged with bare light bulbs, used to attract fish and squid.

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Posted Friday, November 24, 2017



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