Look what we just learned about Comms Director Hope Hicks!!!

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According to a former Trump campaign worker, Hope Hicks loves Donald Trump like a father.

washngtonexaminer.com reports: White House communications director Hope Hicks loves President Trump "like a father," according to former Trump campaign digital director Brad Parscale.

“She has a great ‘Trump radar’ [in] understanding how he thinks. ... She loves him like a father in some ways and I think that is an important loyalty to the family,” Parscale told Newsweek in a interview published Thursday.

“I think she truly believes in Mr. Trump and his mission and his agenda, and I think she loves the [Trump] family,” Parscale continued. “Being family and being treated like family allows you to deal with a lot more things you wouldn't do for just a job or money.”

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Posted Thursday, November 23, 2017



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