Hillary Just Issued A Major Warning!!

Failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, spoke in an interview with Hugh Hewitt and warned Americans about the dangers of Robots and AI.

Newsweek.com reported: Robots are not our friends, Hillary Clinton said Wednesday.

The former Secretary of State told radio host Hugh Hewitt that America is racing headfirst into a world of artificial intelligence without considering the repercussions.

“Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, a lot of really smart people are sounding an alarm that we’re not hearing,” she said. “The future is coming right at us, and honest to goodness, I just think everybody listening to you should be demanding that public officials start coming up with some approaches to how we’re going to protect human beings and our lives from this.”

The Republican tax plan, which could pass Senate next week, incentivizes business owners to replace jobs with automation by giving them tax breaks for new equipment.

“What do we do with the millions of people who will no longer have a job?” asked Clinton. “We are totally unprepared for that.”

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Posted Thursday, November 23, 2017



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