Breaking: The NFL Just Ran A Heartwarming Thanksgiving Ad But There Is Just One Big Problem!!

The NFL decided to run a Thanksgiving ad that included former NFL Greats Joe Theismann and Lawrence Taylor. The only issue is that Lawrence Taylor is a registered sex offender who was sentenced to six years of probation for raping an underage prostitute.

Breitbart reported: The ad with former Redskins quarterback Theismann and Giants linebacker Taylor plays a riff on the time they met on the field that resulted in a disastrous, career-ending injury for Theismann.

Seconds into the spot, Taylor says, “it’s been a while since we’ve been together,” to which Theismann chuckles saying “thank goodness for that.” Then Taylor grabs a turkey leg from the table and asks if Theismann would like “a leg.”

The “joke” of wanting a leg is a reference to the 1985 game in which Taylor delivered a brutal tackle that ended up breaking Theismann’s leg in a play that still stands as one of the NFL’s most memorable moments.

Both men laugh, and the spot ends urging fans to watch the NFL on NBC on Thanksgiving Day.

But, one thing NBC does not mention is that Lawrence Taylor has a record as a sexual offender. And in this day of heightened awareness of sex offenders, it is odd that NBC chose to go with this campaign.

In 2011 Taylor was sentenced to six years of probation over accusations that he raped an underage prostitute in New York back in 2010. He was also designated as a sex offender for the assault, but got no jail time, according to The New York Daily News.

During the trial, the victim said that he held her against her will in a Holiday Inn hotel room and even beat her to stop her from leaving, including kicking and punching her.

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Posted Wednesday, November 22, 2017



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