It's happened! They're starting to turn on him!

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A House Democrat has called for John Conyers to resign. reports: Rep. Kathleen Rice is calling on fellow Democratic Rep. John Conyers to resign after it was reported he settled a wrongful dismissal complaint in 2015 after a former employee accused him of firing her for not yielding to his “sexual advances.”

“I’ve reviewed the allegations against him, and they’re as credible as they are repulsive,” Rice, D-N.Y., said in a statement Wednesday. “The women who reported this behavior suffered serious professional repercussions for doing so, which is exactly why so many victims of sexual harassment and assault decide not to step forward. If men who engage in this behavior suffered real repercussions, more victims would speak up -- and maybe other men would decide to act like decent, civilized adults and not prey on women who work for trust and admire them.”

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Posted Wednesday, November 22, 2017



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