CNN reporter thinks worst part of assault allegations is loss of talent from hollywood and media

CNN reporter Dylan Byers is taking a lot of heat after he posted a tweet expressing his sadness over the loss of talent from the entertainment industry and media.

From Fox News: A CNN reporter is taking an online beatdown after an ill-advised tweet saying the media and entertainment industries are suffering a "drain of talent" because so many men are being ousted in disgrace over sexual harassment allegations.

The left-wing cable network's Dylan Byers took down the tweet after being labeled a “joke” and worse by angry advocates of women's workplace rights, but the misguided missive lives on in screen grabs nonetheless. Byers, who covers media, tweeted after CBS and PBS both fired veteran journalist Charlie Rose because he was accused of sexual misconduct by numerous women.

“Beyond the pain/ humiliation women have endured (which is of course the paramount issue), it’s worth taking stock of the incredible drain of talent from media/ entertainment taking place right now. Never has so much talent left the industry all at once,” Byers tweeted.

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Posted Wednesday, November 22, 2017



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