BREAKING: The Stock Market Has Crashed!

The Zimbabwe stock market crashed 35% as the nation awaits a new leader to replace Robert Mugabe.

From Zerohedge:

Despite reported "euphoria" in the nation as former Mugabe deputy Emmerson Mnanagwa was expectd to arrive and be sworn in on Friday, Zimbabwe stocks fell another 10% today, having now erased more than third of the country's market cap in the last few days.

Several hundred people gathered in anticipation of his arrival. Some carried signs with images of him, suggesting a certain level of organization behind the jubilant turnout.

Signs read "Welcome back, our hero" and "True to your word, you're back. Welcome."

As The Washington Post reports, the morning after ecstatic celebrations over the resignation of the long-ruling President Robert Mugabe, the people of Zimbabwe awaited Wednesday the arrival of his former vice president, expected now to become the interim leader.

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Posted Wednesday, November 22, 2017



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