Twitter Is Going After Your Privacy Rights!

A recent analysis has described just how intrusive Twitter's new policy of monitoring users "off-platform" really is.

From Free Market Shooter:

As reported by Mashable last week, Twitter is taking new – and intrusive – steps to crack down on hate speech. Twitter announced in an update to their Help Center that they would begin to monitor user’s behavior “on and off the platform” in December. If a user affiliates with any “violent organizations”, their account will be suspended without notice.

To say that Twitter’s wording is vague regarding this is somewhat of an understatement…

You may not affiliate with organizations that… use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes

Going by that logic, why are ISIS-related Twitter accounts allowed to stay active? There is no larger group that relies on violence against innocent people to further their cause yet Twitter does little to combat it. Instead, they will go after people with opinions that do not mirror their leftist ideologies.

Brett MacDonald of further breaks down and analyzes Twitter’s new policy…

Online cookies will be the tool Twitter uses to track and monitor users off-platform. Any blog, site, or forum that has a “tweet this” button will be able to be used as a window for Twitter to monitor your web usage. Notably, as pointed out by MacDonald, Twitter does not allow you to log into their site if cookies are disabled.

Plainly, this new policy change enacted by Twitter is nothing but a form of thought policing and outright censorship. If you visit a website that Twitter disapproves of, they will then have free-reign to ban you from their platform.

MacDonald also draws a sharp contrast to Twitter one year ago…

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Posted Wednesday, November 22, 2017



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