Trump slams 'radical left lunatics' creating chaos on college campuses nationwide


Former President Trump slammed the anti-Israel "radical left lunatics" creating chaos at colleges nationwide, highlighting that the antisemitism on campuses is promoted by the left, not conservatives.

"This is a movement from the left. These are radical left lunatics, and they've got to be stopped now because it's going to go on and on. And it's going to get worse, and worse," Trump said Thursday morning outside of a Manhattan courtroom where he is standing trial.

"And, you know, they take over countries, and we're not letting them take over the USA. We're not letting the radical left morons take over this country."

Student agitators have infiltrated college campuses nationwide in recent weeks, including radicals on Columbia University’s campus taking over the campus’ Hamilton Hall building, while schools such as UCLA, Harvard and Yale are working to clear student encampments where protesters demand their elite schools completely divest from Israel.

The protests are associated with groups tied to far-left organizations backed by dark money and liberal mega-donor George Soros, Fox News Digital previously reported. Namely, the National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) has had a large presence amid the protests on Columbia University’s campus, as well as on the campuses of UCLA, Tufts and the University of Texas at Austin.... (Read more)

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