Trump endorses GOP Utah Senate candidate looking to replace Romney: 'He will be a GREAT Senator'


Former President Donald Trump endorsed Trent Staggs, a Republican mayor seeking to replace retiring Republican Sen. Mitt Romney, in Utah's GOP primary race for the Senate.

"Trent Staggs is 100% MAGA, and is running to fill The Mitt Romney, a Total Loser, Seat as the next Senator from the Great State of Utah," Trump wrote in a Saturday morning post on Truth Social. "A Highly Successful Entrepreneur, who has served brilliantly as Mayor of Riverton for the past six years, Trent knows how to Create Jobs, Stop Inflation, Grow the Economy, and Secure the Border."

"As your next Senator, Trent will help us Unleash American Energy, Support our Military/Vets, and Protect our always under siege Second Amendment," he added. "Trent Staggs has my Complete and Total Endorsement - He will be a GREAT Senator, and never let you down!"

Trump's endorsement of Staggs came on the same day nearly a dozen Republicans — including former House Speaker Brad Wilson and current Utah Rep. John Curtis — squared off for the party's nomination in a race expected to reveal the brand of political conservatism that most appeals to modern voters in the state.

Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs, who gained notoriety in 2020 for his opposition to mask mandates amid the coronavirus pandemic, announced his decision to enter the race last May, prior to Romney's announcement that he would retire from the chamber at the end of his term next year.

"I love my children, and I'm worried about the country they will inherit if I sit on the sidelines," Staggs told Fox News Digital at the time. "For too long, we've allowed government bureaucrats to spend away the next generation's future, and we need more voices willing to push back."

"Mitt Romney fits in the Senate much better than I do. We've elected far too many people who 'fit in' in Washington. I'm not going to Washington to make friends, I'm going to make change," he added.... (Read more)

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