GOP gov sends vital warning on China's agenda to 'destroy' US: We need to 'wake up'


South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem is sounding the alarm on the growing threat of the Chinese Communist Party, spotlighting the GOP-led bill that would prevent China and other adversaries from owning U. S. farmland in America.

The Republican governor expressed particular concern over China's strategic land acquirement strategy, warning that the CCP is buying land near the U. S. Strategic Air Force bases in an effort to fuel their "agenda" to "destroy" our nation.

KRISTI NOEM: In over just a ten-year period, we saw China increase their purchases of American egg land increase by 5,300%. That means they aggressively changed their tactics to start buying up our land and they're buying our land near our strategic Air Force bases, our national defense resources. And they're doing it in a way to continue to build this agenda to destroy the United States of America. They want to become the world's dominating power. The only way that they do that is by eliminating the United States of America.... (Read more)

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