Biden campaign has 'massive failure of messaging,' especially 'Bidenomics': Liberal NY Times columnist


New York Times opinion columnist Charles Blow bashed President Biden's campaign for terrible messaging in the media and "disastrous branding," especially on the economy.

"This has been, among other things, a massive failure of messaging," Blow wrote in a Wednesday column. "It’s not enough to inundate voters by repeating, over and over, lists of bills passed, steps taken and amounts allocated or spent. Campaigning by spreadsheet is mind numbing. How do people feel? What do they feel? That has to be the basis of any successful electoral appeal."

"But the Biden team hasn’t taken that tack," Blow continued. "Instead, it engages in disastrous branding like ‘Bidenomics,’ trying and failing to convince people that they should feel better than they do because some of the top-line economic indicators are positive, even when the bottom line, for many households — the cost of groceries, how far a paycheck stretches, whether buying a house is possible — is still precarious and efforts to numb that feeling with numbers can come off as callous and aloof."

Blow also responded directly to "recent polling on the 2024 election" which he called "frightening and disconcerting."

A New York Times poll released early in November set off a media firestorm after it found that former President Donald Trump holds sizable leads over President Biden in five of the six most important battleground states. Trump leads Biden by a whopping 10 points in Nevada, six points in Georgia, five points in both Arizona and Michigan, and four points in Pennsylvania. Biden's sole lead is in Wisconsin, where he beats Trump by two points.... (Read more)

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