Kyle Rittenhouse writes book to correct misleading 'narrative': 'Tell my story'


Kyle Rittenhouse is hoping to set the record straight about his life and upbringing as well as the events leading up to the fateful 2020 evening in Kenosha, Wisconsin, that changed his life forever.

On Aug. 25, 2020, Rittenhouse shot three men in self-defense during a Black Lives Matter riot. Two of those men died from their injuries, and Rittenhouse was charged with murder. The televised trial resulted in Rittenhouse's acquittal on all counts.

While legally cleared, Rittenhouse says a persistently false "narrative" was created about him that he couldn’t control, and now he wants to set the record straight for the court of public opinion.

"The reason I decided to write a book is there are so many narratives about me, some right from wrong, and I just wanted to finally put it all to rest and tell my story. I wanted to tell what my childhood was, about how I grew up, who the true me was and how I got to where I am today," Rittenhouse told Fox News Digital in an interview.

Part of that false narrative, Rittenhouse says, is that he comes from means.

"I see a lot of people who will say ‘Kyle grew up wealthy had everything handed to him his entire life.’ When in reality I grew up in poverty," Rittenhouse said.

"I grew up homeless. I was on welfare, food stamps, and people don't realize that."

"I’m hoping that people learn that from my book – it wasn't easy. Growing up. I had a drug addict dad and I had a mom who was working 80-hour weeks," he described.... (Read more)

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