Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City


Groups of pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, with some chanting and singing "Palestine will be free" while others glued themselves to the street along the parade route.

One group of protesters took to the parade route in Midtown Manhattan and unfurled a banner reading, "Liberation for Palestine and Planet." They called for an end to fossil fuels while supporting Palestinians in Gaza.

The protesters wore white jumpsuits, doused themselves with red liquid and superglued their hands to the street to try to disrupt the parade. The crowd lining the sidewalk can be heard drowning out the chants with boos.

NYPD officers were seen removing the protesters from the street and taking them away from the scene so that the parade could continue.

On another part of the parade route, protesters waving Palestinian flags and holding pro-Palestinian signs were singing a variety of chants, including "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free."

Some chanted, "There is only one solution, intifada revolution," while others called for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war.

In another act of protest, an individual aboard a Native American float in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City whipped out a Palestinian flag during the parade’s broadcast on television.... (Read more)

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