Biden admin trashed for bragging about lowering gas prices: ‘Arsonist takes credit for putting out fire’


The Biden administration took credit for lower gas prices this week, which was derided on social media as being similar to when an "arsonist takes credit for putting out a fire."

The official White House X, formerly Twitter, account put out a post on Monday looking to gin up economic optimism ahead of the holiday season.

"Gas prices are down $1.70 from their peak – just in time for holiday travel. Lowering costs for families continues to be President Biden’s top economic priority," the White House posted.

Last year, the national average price of gas was nearly $5 a gallon with some states like California seeing prices around $6. The current national gas average recorded by AAA is $3.295.

Towards the end of President Trump’s term in November 2020, AAA showed the national average was $2.113 per gallon.

Critics dumped on the White House, accusing President Biden of contributing to the high prices that he claims to have lowered. Some added that even with the current drop, prices aren’t nearly as low as they were during the previous administration.... (Read more)

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