North Hollywood parent boycotting school's pride assembly, says its inappropriate topic for kids under ten


A California parent is upset about their kids school hosting a Pride assembly told Fox News Digital the school district should not be teaching minors LGBTQ content.

Manuk, the father of four, said teaching about LGBTQ issues "is not an appropriate topic for anybody under the age of ten years old."

"If anything, I should be the one to teach them about the birds and the bees, so to say, not the school. The school's job is to teach them about reading, writing, and algebra," Manuk said.

Manuk is part of a group of parents in North Hollywood that started an Instagram account to boycott the Pride assembly held at Saticoy Elementary School.

Manuk told Fox News Digital that when parents in the North Hollywood community heard that the school was hosting a Pride assembly, they banned together to raise awareness about the event.

They created an Instagram account called Saticoy Elementary Parents to update other parents and the community on their protest scheduled.

"The group on Instagram is just to have easy access to all our parents to make sure they're getting the messages that we want to send outside to our parents instead of seeing them one on one," Manuk said.

Last week, the group encouraged other "outraged" parents, "who share conservative values" to keep their children home from school on the day of the assembly in protest.

"Attention: PROTEST IS ON JUNE 2nd! We need help! We need signs! We need everyone to come!" Saticoy Elementary Parents wrote on the Instagram post’s caption.

The group alleges that students will watch a video where it says "some kids have 2 mommies, some have 2 daddies."

"This has caused outrage among parents, many of them emailing/ calling LAUSD higher-ups to complain about this day and protesting by not taking their children to school that day," the group wrote in their post.

In another Instagram post, the group claimed "we are being forced into talking about topics that should not burden our children for many years to come."

"Keep your kids home on June 2nd! We are parents of elementary school children, who have the right to introduce sexually explicit topics at our discretion," the post read.

Local news outlet Fox 11 Los Angeles' reported how the assembly will include a reading of the book "The Great Big Book of Families" which talks about diversity and "all kinds of families."

Manuk said there has been some pushback on parents like him.... (Read more)

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