Report: Hunter Sells About a 12 Paintings for Under $500,000 Each


Hunter Biden, who is under investigation for tax fraud, has reportedly sold a total of about 12 paintings to anonymous buyers during his father’s term as president of the United States.

While the average yearly wage of an American artist is $73,013, Hunter has reportedly raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars as a novice painter.

Previous reports indicated Hunter sold five paintings for $375,000 each in 2021. But according to a new estimate by a gallerist, Hunter’s has now sold about 12 paintings for less than his asking price of $500,000, Washington Post reported.

It is unclear how much money Hunter has made from his art, but estimates show he has earned at least five times more than the average American artist — all while being a novice.

Adam Thompson, a prominent artist from Miami, told Breitbart News he believes Hunter’s artwork is “not bad” for a novice, “but it’s not $500,000 good.”

– Hunter Biden's allies are weighing a legal defense fund

– He's struggling financially and has sold roughly a dozen paintings

– His legal debt is well into the millions, and expected to grow

– There's been disagreements within his legal team

Hunter’s artwork would likely only be worth only “$4,000-$5,000” if he was not the president’s son, Thompson added. “It’s nowhere near as good as George W. Bush’s art.”

“While I recognize that immigration can be an emotional issue, I reject the premise that it is a partisan issue. It is perhaps the most American of issues, and it should be one that unites us.” – President George W. Bush

Hunter’s sold paintings to anonymous buyers have raised red flags. House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) told Breitbart News in 2022 he is “95 percent sure” the buyers of Hunter’s art are Chinese buyers, potentially implicating President Joe Biden.

“To ask for up to $500,000 is just a blatant payoff,” Thompson explained. “The real problem lies in the people who are buying it at the outrageous prices they’re selling for.”

The art market is known for corruption. A Senate subcommittee report detailed in 2020 how the art market serves as a vehicle for money laundering:

A large number of art sales happen through intermediaries referred to as “art advisors” who can represent both purchasers and sellers. In a typical transaction, a purchaser may not ask who owns the piece of art they are purchasing; the seller may not ask for whom it is being purchased or the origin of the money. And in general an art advisor would be reluctant to reveal the identity of their client for fear of being cut out of the deal and losing the business.... (Read more)

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