'The View' co-host forced to retract egregious accusation against Amy Coney Barrett: 'Sorry about that'


"The View" co-host Joy Behar was forced to apologize on Tuesday after claiming one day earlier that Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is a member of a "hate group."

On Monday, the liberal commentator claimed that Coney Barrett's membership in religious group People of Praise is evidence that she belongs to a "hate group."

"Now, here’s my question. She is, you know, a religious person. She belongs to the People of Praise group, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled them a hate group, and their founder has questioned the so-called separation of church and state," Behar declared.

"They believe that sex should occur only within marriage and, of course, between a man and a woman. They’ve got very specific things that they believe," she added.

The remarks came as progressives demand Coney Barrett recuse herself from a case in which religious liberty and LGBT ideology clash. Critics have specifically cited Coney Barrett's connection to People of Praise as reason she must recuse herself.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, in fact, does not categorize People of Praise as a "hate group."

On Tuesday, she therefore retracted her previous claims defaming Coney Barrett and issued an apology. She claimed she had conflated People of Praise with another organization, but was vague about which exact organization that was.... (Read more)

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