First Disney Movie With LGBT Protagonist Flops, Critics Blame Poor ‘Marketing’


Disney’s first movie that features an LGBT lead character has bombed at the box office.

Some fans and film critics attributed the poor showing of the animated Disney picture “Strange World” to poor marketing and producers not adequately promoting the children’s film with the gay lead character named Ethan, according to PinkNews.

Some of y’all still don’t know that Disney’s Strange world is out now in theaters and I don’t blame you

Disney is 100% going to blame STRANGE WORLD’s inevitable bad box office on the fact that there’s an openly gay character in the movie when in reality, it’s going to flop because they didn’t market it at all. They’ll use this as an excuse to not have queer rep ever again.

The budget of the film was $180 million, the outlet noted. During the preview period which began November 2, the movie grossed about $800,000. By Thanksgiving weekend, the film had earned $18.6 million, according to Variety. (RELATED: ‘Gay Agenda’: Disney Employees Reportedly Reveal Effort To Inject ‘Queerness’ Into Children’s Shows)

The poor figures thus far could have been prevented, some film critics argued.

“Disney had a chance to lean into the film’s queer narrative and champion it for global audiences, but instead it feels buried, as part of the film that it almost seems ashamed to promote,” The Gamer reviewed.... (Read more)

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