Michael Moore predicts a 'landslide' against the GOP 'traitors' in midterms, thanks SCOTUS for abortion ruling


Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is feeling optimistic about Democrats' chances in maintaining control of Congress against "traitor" Republicans ahead of the November midterms.

"I have never felt this optimistic," Moore told "Real Time" host Bill Maher on Friday night.

Moore, who faced heavy pushback for famously predicting President Trump's election victory in 2016, says he now thinks "the opposite is going to happen" on Election Day.

"I think that there is going to be such a landslide against the traitors, especially against the 147 Republicans who just hours after the insurrection, voted to not certify the elected president of the United States Joe Biden, and I think there is going to be so many people coming out to vote," Moore said.

"I want to thank the Supreme Court for reminding women that they are, in fact, second-class citizens and taking their rights away like this," Moore added.

The Oscar-winning documentarian cited the vote in Kansas that preserved abortion rights as a sign of Democratic optimism and that a "massive turnout of women" will impact the results of the midterms. He also cited the defeat of Sarah Palin in Alaska's special election, which went to newly sworn-in Democratic Rep. Mary Peltola.

"There are so many signs of this that I think, I honestly think if we all do our work and we all get people to get out there and we get out there ourselves… I think we can throw out a huge number of these Republican traitors in November," Moore said.

Moore also predicted Democrats will pick up "two to five" Senate seats in November and will maintain control in the House of Representatives, insisting the pundits are "all wrong."... (Read more)

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