Pollsters Deliver Worrying News For Republicans Less Than Two Months Away From Midterms


A Sunday poll shows Democrats and Republicans neck-in-neck in opinion polls for the midterms, suggesting that the GOP’s advantage is eroding as Democrats gain support.

The poll, conducted by Hart Research Associates and Public Opinion Strategies after being commissioned by NBC News, showed that, for the first time, both parties were tied in voter preferences: 46% for Democrats and Republicans. The GOP, however, maintained a polling edge in voter interest, a metric used for measuring voters’ willingness to turn out at the polls.

The poll also measured views on key issues that have dominated the midterms. Across four areas – foreign policy, the economy, border security, and the cost of living – respondents disapproved of the Biden administration’s policies, with the worst figure being the cost of living, with 65% disapproval.

Republicans held big advantages on “border security” (R+36) and combatting crime (R+23). Democrats, meanwhile, held a polling edge on issues such as “protecting democracy” (D+4), education (D+11), and abortion (D+22).

The advantages appear to suggest a parallel campaign being run by both parties, with Democrats touting the overturning of Roe v. Wade and emphasizing the threat of “MAGA Republicans,” i.e., supporters of former President Donald Trump, to national institutions. Republicans, meanwhile, have laid the blame for inflation and supply chain issues on Democrats and the Biden administration.... (Read more)

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