Florida Rep. Steube on Mar-a-Lago FBI raid: 'This is a weaponized and politicized DOJ'


Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., reacted Tuesday on "Fox & Friends First" to the FBI raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, slamming the Justice Department and FBI for doing so because of politics. Steube said this will only help Republicans in upcoming elections.

GREG STEUBE: It could easily have been handled any other way, just like you said previously in this show. Hillary Clinton didn't send information that she should have had. She asked. It was emails and all of this, and they never raided her home. I'm upset. A lot of conservatives are rightly so are upset. Not only is this the former president's home that was raided, but this is the number one contender to take on Joe Biden in 2024. This is a politicized and weaponized DOJ that from the time before Trump even took office, the first time was investigating him illegally. And in this hoax over the American people, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, collusion. And the American people aren't going to stand for it. The Republicans in Congress aren't going to stand for it. And I tell you this, I submit to you this is going to rally people behind the president when he runs for re-election against Joe Biden and bring more people to the America First Agenda and the America First cause.... (Read more)

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