ACLU tells feds not to work with Texas on arrest of illegal immigrants





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ACLU tells feds not to work with Texas on arrest of illegal immigrants

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A Border Patrol agent watches as a group of migrants walk across the Rio Grande on their way to turn themselves in upon crossing the U. S.-Mexico border in Del Rio, Texas, on June 15, 2021. The Supreme Court has certified ... more >

The American Civil Liberties Union is ramping up its battle against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott‘s border security push, filing a new complaint Monday with Homeland Security urging the department to limit how Border Patrol agents are able to work with Texas authorities.

Mr. Abbott last month ordered Texas’ Department of Public Safety and the National Guard to begin arresting and transporting illegal immigrants back to the border area, where they are reportedly being turned over to the Border Patrol. The ACLU says that violates the migrants’ civil rights.

“DHS should reject any involvement with DPS’s immigration enforcement efforts in South Texas including with Governor Abbott’s July 7 executive order to ensure that it has no entanglement whatsoever with the agency’s discriminatory actions,” the ACLU said in its filing.

The complaint follows another one filed late last month with the federal Justice Department. That one accused Mr. Abbott‘s border security push, known officially as Operation Lone Star, of racially profiling illegal immigrants when it decides whom to stop.

The ACLU also said the stops are increasingly dangerous. The group said it has linked 30 traffic deaths to DPS vehicle pursuits in south Texas since the start of Operation Lone Star.... (Read more)

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