Slidin’ Biden: Two Polls Show Biden’s Approval Collapsing Into The Mid-30s


President Joe Biden’s approval ratings continue to collapse, as two polls this week show that the president’s approval rating is now in the mid 30s.

A Reuters-Ipsos poll of more than 1,000 adults, conducted this week, found that Biden’s approval rating sunk to just 36%, the lowest approval rating of his presidency, while 59% disapproved. The poll also found that nearly every demographic group disapproved of how Biden was handling his job as president. In addition, the poll also found that the economy is still the most pressing issue Americans are concerned about.

Breaking the poll down by party, Democrats were much more likely to favor Biden than Republicans, but his approval rating continued to trend down even among his own party. Biden’s approval rating among Democrats stood at 72%, but that was a decline from his 76% approval from a week ago, Reuters reported. Just 10% of Republicans approved, while 90% disapproved. Other demographic groups were not nearly as kind to Biden. Breaking down the poll by race, Biden is now underwater with both white and non-white voters: just 32% of white voters approve of Biden, while 64% disapprove; 45% of non-white voters approve of Biden, while 51% disapprove.

By education, fully 60% of respondents without a college degree disapprove of Biden; just 34% approve. Even among college-educated voters, Biden is still deep underwater: 59% of respondents disapproved, compared to just 38% who approved. Breaking down by gender, among men, Biden’s approval sat at just 39%, while 59% disapproved; among women, Biden’s approval was 34%, while 60% disapproved. By age, Biden’s approval was just 40%, while 55% disapproved among 18-39 year-olds; among those 40 and older, his approval was just 34%, with 62% disapproving.

Biden was also underwater with every geographic region except one. His approval remained high in the Northeast: 56% approved... (Read more)

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