83% of Americans are DISSATISFIED with direction America is going


* New Gallup polls bring fresh gloom for Joe Biden and his Democratic Party

* They show that 16 percent of Americans believe US is going in right direction

* That is 20 points lower than after Biden took power last year

* It comes less than six months before November's midterm elections

A colossal 83 percent of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction, according to a new Gallup poll, as high gas prices, a baby formula shortage and collapsing stock markets threaten a Democratic wipe-out in November's midterm elections.

The poll found that only 16 percent of Americans were satisfied with the state of the U. S. - 20 points lower than the satisfaction rating four months after President Joe Biden took office and a six-point drop since April.

That marks its lowest level since Donald Trump's supporters ransacked the U. S. Capitol in January last year.

The president's own approval rating is flat lining at 41 percent. It has not been above 50 percent since last June.

In a commentary accompanying the findings, Gallup said the result was more gloom for a troubled administration.

'With less than six months to go before the midterm elections, the public's mood is sour, with few Americans satisfied with the direction of the country and approving of Congress, making the Democratic congressional majority extremely vulnerable,' the polling organization says.

'Biden's approval rating is particularly weak among independents and is nowhere near the high level required (typically above 60 percent) for a president to stave off significant midterm losses in Congress.

'The likelihood of a dramatic economic turnaround before November's congressional elections appears slim, which puts pressure on Democrats to persuade voters to keep them in power despite the nation's current struggles.'

The poll was conducted from May 2 to 22 at a time when inflation was near its highest point in 40 years, with gas prices way about $4 a gallon and as parents were coping with a shortage of baby formula.

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