Vulnerable Democrat Kim Schrier Campaigns with Biden, Later Slams Him on Baby Formula and Border


Vulnerable Democrat Rep. Kim Schrier (WA) walks a tightrope with President Joe Biden as she continues to play both sides, appearing with him when she deems his presence beneficial to her campaign and slamming his administration when she doesn’t.

Schrier voiced her opinion this past weekend during an appearance on MSNBC’s Alex Witt Reports when she lambasted Biden over the baby formula shortage.

“What the heck happened?” she asked, referring to Biden’s inaction on the shortage, noting that the product was recalled in February after four infants were hospitalized and that “bacterial infections may have contributed to death in two patients.”

“Nothing was done,” she added. “You could have predicted in February that this would become an emergency, and we didn’t see anything happen in terms of stepping up, importing, and enacting the Defence Production Act, getting competitors to ramp up, until now.”

This isn’t the first time observers have noticed Schrier’s inconsistent posture toward the president. Schrier was called out last month for criticizing Biden’s border policies despite having voted for several pieces of Biden-backed legislation relating to the border.

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Schrier’s critical remarks come roughly one month after Biden visited Washington, where the congresswoman campaigned with him. Biden signed an executive order that was intended to help restore national forests devastated by disasters.

During the visit, Schrier looked extremely close to the president and even held hands with Biden while walking with several other Democrat lawmakers.

But Democrats, like Schrier, are trying to play both sides — staying close to Biden while also criticizing him and his administration when it suits them — as the president’s poll numbers have crumbled.

Having been in office for over a year, Biden has received low approval... (Read more)

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