Twitter stock price struggles as Donald Trump's truth social launch nears


Former President Donald Trump's social media site TRUTH Social could be launched as soon as February 21, as the former president marks more than one year since he was booted off Twitter.

The move comes as Twitter has experienced a decline in its stock price over the past month and some conservatives have moved to alternative platforms such as Gettr and Gab.

Twitter was widely considered Trump's favorite social media site and he often posted several tweets a day touting his administration's achievements, and strongly criticizing political opponents and others.

TRUTH Social is being developed by the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) and is available to pre-order now on Apple's App Store and a launch date of February 21 was listed for the app as of January 6.

That would mean a potential launch on Presidents' Day.

However, the launch date was later removed from the listing, and an article from The Washington Post on January 10 reported that it could be months before the site actually launches, citing unnamed sources.

The newspaper also reported that Trump has been frustrated with the pace of the social media site's development.

It remains unclear if the app will in fact launch on iOS on February 21. It's also not clear when it will launch on the web and Android, but an unnamed source confirmed to Reuters on January 6 that February 21 was the intended launch date.

The App Store shows screenshots from TRUTH Social that indicate it may be a Twitter "clone", as the design will be very familiar to Twitter users. The former president was permanently banned from Twitter on Januar... (Read more)

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