Nearly half of Dems say fines, prison time appropriate for questioning vaccines, poll says


WASHINGTON (TND) — A majority of Democrats support punitive and restrictive policies against the unvaccinated, according to the results of a new poll.

A recent national telephone and online survey from The Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports says respondents who claimed to be Democrats supported a sort of house arrest for the unvaccinated, among other punishments and deterrents.

Fifty-nine percent of Democrats who took the poll were in support of a theoretical government policy which would confine those who have not been vaccinated to their own homes unless it was an emergency. Overall, sixty-one percent of all respondents were against the policy.

Almost half of Democrats who voted in the poll think state and federal governments should be allowed to either fine or imprison those who publicly question COVID-19 vaccine efficacy.

Forty-eight percent of Democrats taking the poll were in support of the criminal punishment of vaccine critics, whether the criticism appeared on television, radio, or even on social media. Overall, only twenty-seven percent of all respondents were in support of the punishment....(Read more)

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