Democrat Katie Hobbs campaign for Arizona governor takes a hit following discrimination suit verdict


PHOENIX — A recent OH Predictive Insights poll showed Secretary of State Katie Hobbs with a decisive lead in Arizona’s Democratic Primary race for Governor.

Hobbs had 42% of the vote and her closest rival, Marco Lopez, has 8% of the vote. But Hobbs’ good fortune began to change earlier this month after a federal jury awarded Taloyna Adams, a Democratic policy advisor for the state senate, $2.75 million.

It was the second time a federal jury agreed Adams was the victim of racial and gender discrimination.

The jury also found she was retaliated against because she questioned why she was earning less than others who did the same work.

Hobbs, who was the Senate Minority Leader at the time, testified in court saying Adams was fired for performance-related issues.

“With the verdicts finding her culpable for race and sex discrimination and retaliatory termination, for her to say these other things is dishonest,” Adams said.

The Hobbs campaign refused multiple requests for an interview. But in a letter to her supporters, candidate Hobbs said Adams’ firing had nothing to do with gender or race.

“So having a sitting Secretary of State not affirm n... (Read more)

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