Pelosi Says Democrats Are Nearing Deal On Spending Package Ahead Of ‘Crucial Deadline’


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that Democrats were nearing an agreement on their social-spending package and that they are working to compromise on its health care, family and climate change provisions.

“We are facing a crucial deadline for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework to pass,” Pelosi said in a Dear Colleague letter. “To do so, we must have trust and confidence in an agreement for the Build Back Better Act.”

Pelosi added that expanded Medicare benefits for vision, hearing and dental coverage would “hopefully” be included and that there was “broad agreement on the child tax credit, universal pre-K and child care, home health care, housing and workforce development.”

The proposed Medicare expansions have become a major sticking point in negotiations. Sen. Joe Manchin, a centrist Democrat from West Virginia, has insisted that they save the program from insolvency before expanding it, while Sen. Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont, has called its omission from the bill a dealbreaker.

Manchin has also objected to the child tax credit if it excludes a work requirement, and opposed President Joe Bide... (Read more)

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