Labor Union Opposes Quickly Moving Containers from Cargo Ships


A labor union is opposing seaports’ ability to quickly and efficiently move containers from ships to trucks, further compounding the supply chain crisis that is impacting American families and workers across the nation, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

Pacific Maritime Association (PMA), a consortium of 70 companies that negotiates and administers labor agreements with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), has accused ILWU of refusing to allow upgrades in port technology to move “cargo productively,” PMA spokesman Randy James stated.

“With supply chain congestion expected to continue well into next year, we are hopeful this cooperation can extend to the contract negotiations to take place between the PMA and ILWU,” James continued.

The two organizations have ongoing negotiations about using technology to more easily move containers and clear the supply chain backlog. Those negotiations are to conclude in 2022. Yet ILWU has opposed changes in the past to other terminal facilities at ports.

Bloomberg reported ILWU has already lost a massive amount of membership over the course of the year nationwide. 8,000 members have left in 2021 (29,000 members compared to 37,000).

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