NBC News op-ed accuses Sinema of pushing negative bisexual stereotypes like being 'greedy' and 'unreliable'


An opinion article on NBC News argued that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., might be "bad for bisexual Americans" because she is opposing her fellow Democrats.

On Tuesday, NBC News published an opinion piece titled "Is Arizona's Kyrsten Sinema bad for bisexual Americans?" which focused on Sinema’s continued resistance against President Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

Sinema has been a target of criticism by progressive Democrats and their allies in the media for her opposition to several components of the trillion dollar economic legislation. Writer Lux Alptraum focused on Sinema’s status changing from a "bi icon" to "an unreliable centrist" and "a self-absorbed Democratic turncoat."

"Instead of a brash, bisexual icon willing and able to stand up to the far right, she’s now seen as an unreliable centrist, a self-absorbed Democratic turncoat more fixated on getting attention and lining her own pockets than uplifting her community. No longer a bi icon, she’s now held up as a cautionary tale about the limits of representation," Alptraum wrote.

More importantly, Alptraum showed concern for Sinema’s representation of bisexual women. As a bisexual woman herself, Alptraum claimed that Sinema’s recent stances pushes the image that bisexual women are "untrustworthy" and "greedy."

"Bi women are constantly told we’re untrustworthy, that our attraction to multiple genders means we’re more likely to cheat. We’re ca... (Read more)

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